Zaniin Co., Ltd., was established in 2012. Its brand “Zaniin” specialized in the research, development and manufacture of TPU cutting/chopping board, is the pioneer of TPU cutting/chopping board supplier in Taiwan.

TPU cutting/chopping board differentiates and is superior than traditional cutting/chopping boards. With its gradual acceptance by global markets, many factories started to produce TPU cutting/chopping boards. However, TPU (Thermoplastic Urethane) is a special material which requires high techniques and years of experience. In order to over come such burden, many producers choose to blend other plastic material(s) with TPU to improve productivity and reduce costs, but the final product is no longer pure TPU cutting/chopping board and lost its non-toxic and environmental friendly properties. The “Zaniin” TPU cutting/chopping board nevertheless choose to use 100% TPU raw material by one of world's leading producers which fully complies and use color powder with FDA standards to maintain high quality. Furthermore, “Zaniin" cutting/chopping board also went through rigorous quality control systems such as LFGB, FDA and EU regulations of toxicity and thermal tolerance. We are proud to claim every sheet of “Zaniin” cutting/chopping board is of unified standards.

“Zaniin” cutting/chopping board is highly proclaimed in Taiwan, South Korea, China and New Zealand. Our OEM partners also have great success in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, USA and Russia. We value our long term relations and cooperation with our clients greatly and are willing to be your steadily supplier with top quality and competitive price. We believe only through mutual support that we can achieve sustainable businesses.

“Zaniin” is ready to supply you with the best TPU cutting/chopping boards “Made in Taiwan”.